Yocto Project Autobuilder

This site hosts the continuous integration services for the Yocto Project. A continuous integration system is a QA-related service that allows automated rebuilding and testing of software packages as they are worked on by developers. The idea is that the system can offer frequent feedback to developers regarding whether their recent changes have broken the build or introduced regression bugs. Builds and tests can be triggered on a periodic basis (e.g, nightly) or on a dynamic basis when changes to the source code repository occur.

The Yocto Project is using Buildbot for our continuous integration services.

You can get access to our upstream sources here.

You can get access to the current yocto project sources here.

As the autobuilder hosts the source mirror of the yocto project, please contact Michael Halstead if you wish to set up an rsync of that source mirror (or any part of the yocto infrastructure).

Please do not attempt to wget a mirror. You will get bandwidth/request throttled.

For enquiries contact Joshua Lock.

Proceed to the Prototype Autobuilder or visit the newer, faster, Yocto Project Autobuilder.